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Managers and Promoters

The Social Welfare department of BBK did not want to loose the opportunity of contributing to construct a society more focused on producing and exchanging knowledge that creates wealth and distribution in the area. A project that places Bilbao, Biscay and ultimately the Basque Country in a prominent place among the highly developed societies.

For the well – execution of this purpose and in this framework, this project is shared with some other organizations and institutions. On one side, the Town of Bilbao is involved as an essential collaborator because this plan wants to place Bilbao once more as a brand and as a city on the cutting edge of innovation avant – garde.

On the other side, an organization belonging to the non - profit sector of Biscay is in charge of the programme. It is a well known organization with a long experience (more than 20 years) and know-how focused on people. Suspergintza Elkartea has been designing, implementing and managing programmes and facilities in several areas: social, cultural, environmental, social intervention, educational… all of them oriented to a comprehensive growth as a person.

At the same time, Vitalitas Sarriko is responsible for the building management. It is a company that encourages innovation and service quality in the different care models. They rely on a wide list of services and resources as well as on a very good professional team.