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Why Bilbao

Connected to the world

Bilbo is a city connected to the World. The International Airport of Bilbao, created by Santiago Calatrava, is the most important aerodrome of the North area of the country. Weekly there are 91 flights from Madrid and another 69 from Barcelona. Currently there are four million passengers and sixteen companies operating. This, allows to be in the main cities of the continent in a frame of 1 and 3 hours time and connect at the same time with the rest of the continental and transcontinental airports.

Economic centrality of bilbao

The town is the head of Metropolitan Bilbao; an area of 26 municipalities and 876.000 inhabitants. The economy of the metropolitan area of Bilbao represents the 38% of the Basque GDP and the 81% of Biscay. The specialization on the tertiary sector of its economy, represents the 42% of the GVA (Gross value added) of the provided services in the Basque Country and the 78% of Biscay. It makes Metropolitan Bilbao the first tertiary site of the Autonomous community of the Basque Country. At the same time, its industrial activity represents the 27% of the GVA of the Basque Country and the 63% of Biscay.

A thriving and modern city

Today Bilbao is a modern city that has been able to renew and update itself without loosing its identity. The urban landscape is not just an avant - garde architecture exercise, yet it is the reflecting soul of the identity of a thriving city facing the future full of revolutionary proposals and projects as the one in Zorrozaurre.

An innovative city

In 2011 the city was awarded with the "City of Science and Innovation" certification that recognizes the commitment of the cities who encourage innovative, scientific, technologic and social infrastructure investments contributing from the local level to the change of the production model.

A qualified city

The territory has a number of competitive advantages for people and companies. We are talking about talent, creativity and the knowledge of people and companies and their capacity to create, retain and /or export such knowledge.

Modern infraestructures

Bilbao has many unique and multi-use infrastructures of different sizes and capacities which can hold cultural, artistic , sport, corporate and congress events and activities. It has modern buildings created by internationally reputed architects as Javier Aja Cantalejo, Rafael Moneo, Alvaro Siza, Federico Soriano eta Dolores Palacios, Philippe Starck, Javier Pérez Uribarri and Nicolás Espinosa Barrientos, and also the characteristic cultural spaces that belong to the history of our city for more than 100 years.