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Presentation of the building

The Bilbao BBK Talent building has been designed by Javier Aja Cantalejo of ACXT with the goal of reaching the highest standards of quality in comfort, indoor environment and sustainability. The complex incorporates durable materials adapted to its use and has useful apartments with the proper size for the foreseen use. They include: a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. In order to encourage the relation between the inhabitants of the facility, there are also large and comfortable indoor and outdoor common recreation areas. There is also a common laundry that allows sharing housekeeping.

From the point of view of sustainability, the building has been designed taking in account the reduction of the impact of the used materials and the subsequent consumption of energy and water. Therefore, the building has obtained a LEED certification given by the internationally most recognized organization in this area. All this without renouncing to indoor comfort and environment quality. The building is equipped with an efficient illumination that complements the well cared natural indoor lighting. It also has underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation in all the areas and water heating system through solar – panels. 

In conclusion, Bilbao BBK Talent wants to offer to the residents the quality that corresponds to the excellence the users are looking for and that took them to Bilbao.