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Get around Bilbao

To get around Bilbao is easy. The city has one of the most modern undergrounds (subways) of the world, so much for the design by Norman Foster as well as for its surveillance and protection system. Bilbao has also an innovative tram, beside an efficient bus network and a suburban train that gives the possibility to get easily to seaside towns and natural parks.

Go for a walk in Bilbao

Surrounded by mountains, it is easy to enjoy the green landscape around the city as well as to admire the city from Artxanda Mountain, a panoramic viewpoint reachable either on foot or taking a historic funicular. Hiking is not the only option. The city has 5 golf courses in the surrounding areas and 26 Km of bike trails (there is a free bike rental service).

The Old Town

Bilbao was founded in the old town of the city the 15th of June of 1300. From here it jumped to the other side above the river at the end of the XIX century. Today it is a historic – artistic and monumental site, it is the medieval Bilbao and it includes these sites: the cathedral of Santiago, several gothic and Renaissance churches, residential palaces and manor houses, Arriaga Theatre and the gardens of Arenal. The streets and passageways full of shops, restaurants and bars strengthen it as a meeting point full of life.

A delicious luxury delights

Basque gastronomy is universally reputed. In Bilbao are located the majority of the best restaurants and chefs of the Basque Country and the offer is very wide: Michelin stars, traditional restaurants, grill – houses and traditional cider – bars. There is also the possibility to enjoy a paradise of pintxos (high – level delicious finger food) together with a Txakoli of Biscay (local white wine appellation of origin).

The city of the XXI century

Abandoibarra means the recovery of a place tremendously representative of the port and industrial past of Bilbao. Today is the exponent of Bilbao of 21st century. This regeneration gave to Bilbao in 2004 the special prize CITTÀ D’ACQUA by the Biennial of Venice (there were another 19 cities competing). Bilbao was also an invited city at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Going for a walk around Abandoibarra means discovering the enterprising spirit of Bilbao, enjoying an authentic open – air architecture and sculpture museum that underlines the vision for the future the city always held. Urbanism and architecture converted Bilbao in a model of transformation. For all these reasons Bilbao received in 2010 the Lee Kuan Yew Award considered the Nobel Prize of the Cities. (Recognitions and awards)

One city, eleven museums

Guggenheim Museum, a work of the architect Frank Ghery opened in 1997. That fact has placed Bilbao in the world as a reference in the field of culture and has also been the driving force for the economic and urban development of the city. We have to add to it the top notch museum offer and more than twenty art galleries and exhibition halls. Thanks to all this Bilbao is today an avant – garde city.

More than 7.000 shops

In Bilbao live together traditional businesses, great international fashion firms and wholesale food markets; these last ones converted in an attraction spot for visitors like the Market of la Ribera in the heart of the old town. Trading is the protagonist of the economic, social and human life of the city; it dynamizes the city, promotes meeting spaces and encourages personal relations.

Accommodation, 17 new hotels

Bilbao and its metropolitan area have wide and diverse hotel infrastructures, with over 4.000 rooms (just in Bilbao there are 57 hotels). All the new establishments apart from being located in strategic areas of the city, are located inside historic buildings or are exponents of avant – garde design and architecture. The excellence and quality of service is a common characteristic of all of them.


Bilbao has available for visitors a rich night – life. The city has an offer starting right after the numerous restaurants of the city have closed. The possibilities are endless: bars, pubs, disco bars, dancing bars and cabarets with all the atmospheres and environments for all the ages and choices. Most of them are located in the city centre and walking from one to another is easy, comfortable and safe.

An experience world just a step away from the city centre

To the beach by train: Bilbao has great beaches and a spectacular coast just few minutes far from the city centre. The closer beaches are reachable by underground and it is possible to practice surf.

A walk in the clouds: just take the underground to Bizkaia Bridge, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Wild and protected nature: natural parks as Urkiola and Gorbea are very close and less than 30Km away from the centre one can also enjoy the estuary of Urdaibai, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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