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The neighborhood


The residence is located in the neighborhood of Ibarrekolanda, in Sarriko area. This neighborhood is located on the north-west area of the city. The main artery of the district is Lehendakari Agirre Avenue, passing parallel to the river at 200m distance of it. At the same time, the hills of Artxanda are not far from the residence.

The neighborhood holds all kinds of services and facilities and you can walk it comfortably. There you can find all sorts of shops as well as recreational areas (parks, green areas, walk – path by the river…) and services (health-care, transport, leisure, sports... In that sense it should be noted the fact that the underground (subway) station (designed by Sir Norman Foster) and music conservatory stand just in front of the entrance of the residence. There is also a public sport facility just behind it.

Bilbao is a very safe city, a statement backed up by the low crime index of the city. Ibarrekolanda particularly is an absolutely safe area where exist the cosmopolitan spirit of the university (The faculty of Economics of the University of the Basque Country is just there and Deusto University is not far) and the atmosphere of a middle – class neighborhood.

To sum up, we can say it is a safe and comfortable neighborhood full of life, very well connected with the rest of the city and extraordinarily equipped with services and facilities.