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Reservation procedure

The procedure to make a reservation in Bilbao BBK Talent is easy:

1. Corroborate you qualify to enter the residence.


2. Fill in the application form.


3. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

4. If the answer is positive and the person is admitted, it is necessary to pay the deposit AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE RESIDENCE  in the account number that will be given. The amounts of the deposit change depending on the lenght of your stay:

- Less than 1 month:670€

- More than 1 month: 1.340




Once all this is done, the procedure when arriving at the residence is easy:


a. Once you get to the residence, you will sign up the rental agreement for the time you will be among us.

From that moment on, you have 7 days to pay the rent plus the services you have contracted (sheets, parking, kitchen utilities…) in the bank account number the reception will give you.


b. You will have your deposit back through a bank transfer to the bank number you give at the reception as far as you fulfill the conditions of the contract.


Don’t hesitate contacting us for any information:


- E-mail: info@remove-this.bilbaobbktalent.es

- Phone : 00 (34) 94 600 88 55