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Why Bilbao BBK Talent


The Basque society is going thrhough a deep change process in the production ways and models, in the social and cultural spheres, in the field of knowledge…

That deep transformation started before the current economic crisis and it is the context, the scene where the Welfare department of BBK wants to add its contribution.

The international economic crisis has accelerated and emphasized the necessity of carrying on along the path already started by the public institutions in the Basque Country in general and in Biscay in particular: the path towards excellence in innovation.

Walking through this route, the society will find not only the way to rise from the current situation but also the oportunity to portray and create the basis and foundation for the next decades.

The Welfare department of BBK wants to help achieving the following goals:

HELP attracting and establishing in Bilbao talented researchers coming from abroad.

PROMOTE a network among different social agents from Biscay involved in the economic promotion of the region.

FAVOUR knowledge transfer and the creation of synergies between foreign researchers and the economic, social and academic network of Biscay.

IMPLEMENT new permanent cooperation spaces between public or private educational and research  institutions of Bilbao area and foreing research centers.

OFFER a complementary space to the already existing ones, for the popularization and dissemination of knowledge.

PLACE talent’s innovation and development as a main concept of the different policies of the urban development of Bilbao area.