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Administrative procedures

In order to help the researchers living at Bilbao BBK Talent with the administrative procedures and at the same time with the adaptation to the new environment that means Bilbao, we have two public organizations depending on the Town of Bilbao and the Foral province government (from now on Diputación).

On the Diputación side, Bizkaia : talent’s (www.bizkaiatalent.org) mission is to encourage and boost the conditions and processes to recruit, engage and retain highly qualified professionals. In that sense we promote innovation and advanced knowledge of the organizations from Biscay.

Among many services we provide, we want to highlight the so called HARRERA service. Its purpose is to provide a quality information and advice related to the transfer and adaptation of foreign highly qualified professionals that due to professional reasons settled in Bizkaia. We give advice in the administrative aspects of these fields: lodging, education, health and also in the field of social integration in Bizkaia (leisure).

On the side of the Town of Bilbao, Bilbao Ekintza (www.bilbao.net/bilbaoekintza) leads the economic boost and the international positioning of the city. In that sense, it helps the growth of the businesses of its area by promoting the development of the local economic activity and by being the reference attracting events to Bilbao. In addition, it also helps fulfilling the needs of the researchers in all those issues where town Hall is competent. For this purpouse you can try the new web for administrative procedures in Bilbao.